Choosing Plants for Small Spaces

Choosing Plants for Small Spaces

We all love to live in a space where there is greenery and plants; some people become emotionally attached to their plants and they want to have them whenever they can. Houseplants add life and character to any place and besides, improve air quality. The problem is that they can take up valuable space on the floor which is why you need to choose the right plants for small spaces.

How can you reclaim space while still enjoying the green friends in your house?

To put it simply; choose mountable indoor plants. Wall-mounted indoor plants provide an excellent solution for hallways, small spaces, corridors and den or reception areas. They can add life and fun to any small space, and they draw the eye upwards, giving the impression of a taller room.

There are many desktop manufacturers you can choose from as well; Desktop plants come in a variety of colors and they can help you personalize your space, making it more welcoming and more comfortable at the same time.

Smart Plants for Small Gardens

If you have a free corner in the room, you can hang plants or choose a flooring mill. In any case, whichever you choose, you should avoid plants that tend to grow laterally, as they take up a lot of space for no reason. Palm, on the other hand, or corn plants, which can be placed even in low light spots, are ideal for small spaces because the foliage is at the top, therefore they don’t give the impression of something large and imprecise in the space.

The main idea is to rearrange and re-plan the items you use; make sure your place can accommodate smaller or larger potted plants. If, for example, you have a small kitchen window, you can buy small potted plants and add a colorful tone to the room. Small changes like this can make any room look welcoming and intimate.